Individual lessons

Functional Integration – individual sessions (currently available via Telehealth)
In Functional Integration sessions, movement is communicated through slow gentle touch. The practitioner uses a series of small and precise movements, guiding your sense of how you may unconsciously hold tension and restrict freedom of movement. 
Attention to the feeling and quality of these gentle movements stimulates change in your neuromuscular system, with your brain discovering new ways of moving your body. Habitual patterns ‘soften’ and more fluid and comfortable movements emerge.


Classes and Workshops

Awareness Through Movement classes: 
In these group lessons, mostly done in lying or sitting, you are verbally guided through gentle movement sequences. Focus is on sensing movements and any changes you experience, exploring new possibilities with an open and light-hearted attitude. 

Currently Julia runs series of classes via Zoom. These are generally in block of four or eight classes throughout the year. 

Meditation Classes

Julia runs a regular Mindfulness meditation group for people with an established meditation practice. The group offers support to strengthen and  deepen one’s understanding of meditation. This is an ongoing group and numbers are limited. Sessions are currently held via Zoom, and occasionally in person. Please get in touch if you wish to know more. 

Feldenkrais and Meditation workshops

Using simple mindfulness meditations and gentle movement, these workshops support you to steadily develop an experience of ease and clarity you can carry into everyday life. These two approaches complement and enhance each other beautifully. Gentle Feldenkrais movement explorations enhance self-awareness and unravel unconscious patterns that create tension, thus facilitating more ease in one’s meditation practices. Meditation develops concentration and brings more clarity to Feldenkrais movements. As a result, awareness of body, mind and one’s relationship to the environment is enhanced, leading to more skilful and effective action in the world.


In her practice, Julia’s aim is to assist people to learn to overcome limitations and facilitate recovery of ability. Her emphasis is to help people develop their own capacity to manage physical difficulties related to injury, disability, chronic pain and stress. She brings a strong educative focus to individual lessons, classes and workshops, to empower the individual from a holistic perspective.
Julia primarily uses the Feldenkrais Method, while employing her physiotherapy skills, knowledge and broad experience to support and guide her work.

Upcoming Classes Information

Awareness Through Movement classes – Term 2, 2024

Classes via Zoom – a series of 6 classes

Thursday mornings, 11.30am to 12.30pm
     18th April – 30th May 2024

Feldenkrais and Meditation workshops

Stay tuned for future workshops in Melbourne.